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How Much Can I Claim?

We all want to maximize our tax returns but who doesn't fear an audit? If you itemize your return and donate non-cash items, you may like to keep a specific list of what you've given away. But who has the time to keep a record of each individual item donated AND calculate the IRS-suggested value of each item?

Well, if you keep track of the items, we've got the calculating covered! Download the Excel file below and simply enter the items donated to get your write-off amount. Enter the item quantity in either the "low value" or "high value" column, based on your estimate of the item's condition, and the spreadsheet will total the values. This should be filled out for EACH donation receipt, and we recommend trying to stay around $100 total value claimed per receipt. If you have any questions or want to schedule a session for us to do this for you, just let us know.

Click on the link to open the fileshare page, then click on the filename to download the file:

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