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How does it work?

What to expect

We'll start with an assessment in your home or office so I can get a feel for the project, a sense of your needs and budget, and you can make sure you feel comfortable with us.  If you want to proceed, we'll set up a half- or whole-day trial session focusing on the most pressing/frustrating task.  From there, we keep going, one room or task at a time, according to your pace.  We can consign or donate unneeded items for you and recommend and even purchase products.

For jobs that are bigger or have time constraints, I might suggest bringing one of my associate organizers.  For jobs that are simpler or where budget is a concern, you might work with one of the associates solo at a lower price point.

I can write up a step-by-step plan that you carry out, work alongside you, or do the organizing for you.  Most clients work together with us most of the time.  Vitual sessions are also available.

Document with Pen



The goal is peace,

not perfection.


Clutter control for homes and offices
  • Help you make calm decisions about what deserves to stay

  • Consign or donate items no longer useful

  • Create clear "homes" and systems for everything

  • As much or as little "hands on" time as you need

  • Garages, paperwork, photos, digital name it

Organized kitchen

Senior Services

Compassionate assistance for challenging times
  • Guidance in decisions about "right-sizing"

  • Help with consigning, shipping and/or donating items

  • Coordination with movers, realtors, retirement centers, etc.

  • Unpacking and setting up new homes

  • Assistance with computer tasks

  • Ongoing help with mail, email, bills, tax record keeping, etc.

Happy retirees

Moving Services

Let a pro take the stress out of your transition
  • Purge items before you move to save on moving cost and hassle

  • Consign or donate items no longer useful

  • Monitor the move timeline and coordinate repairs, etc.

  • Work together with the moving company on a strategy

  • Arrange utility transfers, mail forwarding, etc.

  • Unpack some or all of your things in the new place and set up great systems

Peaceful move

Wardrobe Consulting

Clothing upgrades for both men and women
  • Clear out your closet in a thorough and unemotional way

  • Consign or donate items no longer useful

  • Make a strategized list of items needed to fill your gaps

  • Shop together for pieces of excellent fit and value (optional)

  • Create a digital or printed "lookbook" for reference

  • No more standing in front of the closet at a loss for what to wear and no more frantic, last-minute purchases!

Outfit options
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