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I understand how quickly things can get out of control, or how hard it is to get started if you've never had things under control. I don't judge and I never force you to do or get rid of anything you're not comfortable with. Earning and keeping your trust is the hallmark of my reputation! Getting organized isn't always an easy or straightforward process - sometimes physical and emotional items surface that we'd rather stay buried - but the impact is amazing! It's so much more than just putting stuff away, it's dusting off the goals you have for your home and family and making them possible.

Modern life has put so much pressure on us to "do it all," and women in particular are unbelievably overstretched and under-resourced. It's a privilege to come alongside both men and women in their quest for more peace and balance and to serve as a catalyst for lasting change. I love to talk to a client a few months after a project has wrapped and find out how the process of getting organized has unblocked other areas of his or her life - often there has been weight loss, a new job, a new relationship, etc., and I'm thrilled to see transformation happening.

Before & Afters
A typically overstuffed garage...
becomes functional and accessible!
"Junk closet" served no purpose...
until it got a new life as a library
No playing in this playroom
Now it's ready for fun
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“YES! I definitely recommend Jen!
Our experience has been awesome! Jen helped me get organized after a very disorderly move and years of deferred projects. She has good experience and lots of great ideas.
First, we started putting away a lot of tax paperwork from the dining table and went on to deal with my piles and files. We have redone our office, closets, Christmas stuff, the kitchen and some in the garage.
Jen is totally trustworthy and has a key to our home. She has been a HUGE help with some errands that I didn't have time for and helps me get rid of unwanted stuff and things that just need a new home. She knows a lot of good workmen in the Williamsburg area....someone she recommended is installing a new air conditioner in our home today while I am at work.
I can't say enough about how wonderful Jen is. She is great at what she does and has helped me feel so much better about our home. It is more peaceful for me now that it is better organized! Besides all of that, she is a young lady with great faith and character. I love her!”

K. D., Williamsburg

“Fast and wonderful - a very good job. Well worth the money!”
​​D. J., Williamsburg
“At first I thought the rate was a little high, but after seeing everything you are doing for us during sessions and after I'm convinced it's a bargain."
​​Bob Pride, Poquoson
“After we did the kitchen, the next few days we would just open the drawers and smile.”
​​Dr. P., Williamsburg
“After the death of my dear mother, Jen Harman was my saving grace. At such a difficult, emotional time, packing up a house that had been lived in for over 20 years was a monumental, overwhelming task. Jen’s approach made it bearable and doable and at times even fun. She methodically helped me document the items that needed to be appraised and inventoried so we could make decisions amongst the siblings (who all lived in different locations) as to who wanted what. She also had fabulous ideas for where to sell things and took that responsibility herself.  
She made her schedule adaptable to mine and completed tasks at other times when we were not together. She is trustworthy, practical, and undaunted by any task. Jen gave me the necessary emotional and organizing support to finish this enormous task and helped give me my life back.”
​​M. E., Washington, D. C.


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becomes functional and accessible!